Celldweller: Wish Upon a Blackstar

Music takes talent – that much is obvious. What it also takes talent, however, is skill, determination, and narrative. Being able to tell a story clearly through an album is a talent that 95% of newer bands either ignore or lack. Celldweller is part of the 5% that can manage to convey feeling, emotion, and a story all at the same time. Even more impressive, he wraps it all together in an electronic package with melodic and vocal drive.

From the start of “The Arrival”, a 35 second suspense filled intro that gives you the feeling that the movie is about to start, and the movie concludes with a 5:37 minute ballad, “Against The Tide,” that effortlessly tugs on your heartstrings. The heart wrenching tale of love and desperation is woven.

After the final bitter, angry and sorrow filled notes of “Against The Tide” fade out, I feel not only somehow connected to the entire album, but upset that it’s over. Despite my emotions still all over the place from just listening and relating to the entire album, I hit repeat, and the roller coaster of love, hate, hopelessness, anger, and loneliness – tinged with the smallest morsel of hope – starts once more.

The album Wish Upon a Black Star is filled with descriptive lyrics, powerful vocals, and unexpected surprises, such as the short and to the point rap segments in “The Best It’s Gonna Get”. Seamlessly blending together with singing and electronic rhythms, Celldweller is in a league of his own. Songs such as “Black Star” spin a story all on their own whereas in “Birthright” you can almost taste the anger, desperation, and sheer brilliance.

For those who enjoy well written, sung and executed music that’s 100% real and not written in order to be popular with the masses, Wish Upon a Blackstar is an album you should pick up and enjoy immediately. Wish Upon a Blackstar is, simply put, a masterpiece.

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